Site Engine optimize your Asp.Net Core Web Application Details

Site Engine optimize your Asp.Net Core Web Application

Site Engine optimize your Asp.Net Core Web Application

Web developers develop websites and apps every day and would, as expected, want as much as possible traffic going through that website. Search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc uses 100's of factors to rank or index your app or website. The algorithm used by these search engines are a tightly kept secret and are changed very very often. They do this to increase user experience and provide better and correct results on searches. This does not mean we cannot optimise our websites for good ranking, actually it means quite the opposite. The most basic and most important things stay the same, if we just keep SEO in mind from the beginning. 

In this article I will give you some basic pointers for things you should pay attention to to get your site optimized and hopefully a good ranking.

  • Use of meta tags were very important for search optimization in the past now it is actually only the description meta tag that still carries some importance. It may not have a huge impact on your ratings but google often uses the description meta as a short description about your page in the search results. with a good meta description you can get more users to visit your site. You should make each meta description unique.
  • Give each of your web pages a unique and descriptive title. Do not make it to long, try to keep it less than 65 charachters otherwise the search engines will truncate it anyway
  • tags are very important, it is the best if the

    tag contains the same information as the title of you page

  • Enable compression of your content. You can hugely improve the speed of your website by utilizing the processing power of the devices just sitting there on both ends. You can learn more on one of our tutorials on how to enable compression in your Core Application by clicking the following ling : Click Here
  • You should leverage the browser caching of you device. When a user visits a site and goes to another page on your site the already loaded recources won't be requested from the server such as CSS, Images etc. Click here to learn more about response chaching in Core.
  • You should minify your JavaScript and CSS files by creating a minification and obfuscation workflow. Google renders your page just like a browser, so the loading speed of your website make a huge difference. Click here to learn how to enable gulp for you website which does this for you.
  • Remove all render blocking scripts and css from your website, you can do this by using the async and differ words in HTML.
  • You should prioritise your visible content on your website, this is the piece of your page the user sees before he scrolls. You should show this content faster, to give the user the feeling that your website is exremely fast
  • Remove all dead links and bugs from your website, if you do not do this you will give the crawlers the impression that your site is not a well maintained one
  • You should make your site crawlable by having internal links to all of your pages.
  • Create SEO friendly URL's, you can use slugs to achieve this in Core. Read this training article to learn how to do this

By following these simple steps you should be able to greatly improve the rankings of your website how often it is craweld and indexed.